Healthy Bloggin’ Potential

I think my blog really has the potential to fit in with the world of health bloggers because we ultimately have the same goal of sharing ideas and can rally around the goal of being healthy. A lot of health blogs that I have checked out during this course all have a “story” behind them about the author, and have a lot of the same common elements that I would share, such as recipes, tips and advice, ideas of places to shop for ingredients, perhaps reviews of healthy food items, etc. A lot of health blogs also use a lot of images to supplement all the text, which is something I have been doing here.

One thing that I think I can add to this conversation is my realistic personality. I’m really busy, and I know a lot of people are really busy too but still want to be healthy. I also really DON’T love exercising, and I don’t understand how other people do. Also, I know kale is nasty (butttt so good for you) AND the flavor can easily be masked with banana and almond milk. I think when I read a lot of health blogs where they say “I LOVE eating healthy” I immediately can’t relate. I’ve thought about two categories or even tabs that I could add – one for recipes, another one that is more of a “Help! I’m don’t know where to start” – where I can post “step 1- get a nutribullet (best thing I ever did- cheap here or here) step 2- buy some kale, bananas, almond milk, and oatmeal. It’s the fastest go to shake that is healthy and doesn’t taste like buttcheeks.” I think there are some people who could appreciate my honesty and relate to it.


A typical daily shake for moi:


Yes, it’s a Disney Tumblr. Yes that’s Piglet 🙂


4 thoughts on “Healthy Bloggin’ Potential

  1. debsstyle says:

    Even in my personal blog, my personality and opinions are what makes my blog different from the other blogs that are similar to mine.
    AND I really want to buy a nutribullet and try healthy smoothies!!


  2. sdaom says:

    I really respect health bloggers because I know it takes a lot of motivation and determination to stay in shape and to tell others tips and give them advice on how they can stay fit as well. I will try to mix kale with bananas and almond milk!!


  3. loisedelosreyes says:

    I think adding recipes to your blog would be such a great idea. I would love to try out some of the food you talk about in your posts.


  4. alexseelyyoga says:

    You definitely fit in with the health blog community! I think it would be great if you started adding recipes to your website. I think that would make you very unique and I know a lot of people would be interested in trying them! And I would love a good realistic recipe thats actually good AND healthy!


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