This week’s assignment was really cute and fun. I decided to Powerpuff myself because I used to watch Powerpuff girls all the time when I was younger (and had a Powerpuff girl themed birthday party! Hehe.) The platform itself was point-and-click which was very easy to use. When things are too complicated, I find I don’t have a lot of patience unless I’m really very motivated to do something. For something fun like this, I would have moved on very quickly if it wasn’t easy to use.

Powerpuff TC

I like this type of fan art because it makes my reflect a bit on who I am and what my character would be like based on my character as a person. The physical part was pretty straightforward for me, I picked features that looked most like I do in real life- brown hair, eyes, a little tan, etc. Then you have to decide what your superpower is going to be by answering some questions. I answered again based on what I’d do in real life. My superpower would be healing, I’d most likely mediate if there were problems among my friends because I’ve been asked to do that a few times before, I’d like to be known for curing a disease, and so on and so forth. I’m the “friend defender” which I think is cute and I think the description is pretty accurate. I think my friends and my coworkers know I’ll call someone out for being a jerk and I do tend to root or at least sympathize for the underdog in sports and competitions.


5 thoughts on “Powerpuffed!

  1. debsstyle says:

    I had a really fun time with this assignment too! It made me reminisce my younger days and I definitely missed playing games like these. I also tried to recreate a similar image of myself into a Powerpuff character, with cute and fun accessories.


  2. filmbuffssite says:

    I think that its important that you touched up on having to really have your avatar reflect certain traits or qualities of yourself. Thats what really puts the stamp on your fan art to really call it yours.


  3. sdaom says:

    I always used to watch Powerpuff Girls as a kid too! Doing this activity really made me think about back in those days. I think this assignment was very fun and I really liked making a version of myself from the Powerpuff Girls.


  4. diamonddigest says:

    I really liked your point about these assignments allowing us to reflect on who we are and thus how we can see ourselves. I hadn’t considered that when doing my own but it definitely makes sense in retrospect. I had a lot of fun with this assignment, too.


  5. jennieperullosp says:

    I love being able to see how each person made their character reflect them in looks and clothes the best they could. I loved this assignment too because I felt I was relieving my childhood days where I would make Sims characters look like me and my family.


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