Help me, help you

I think the online world is amazing! There’s so much interesting content online right now, and it’s fun to find new things to read. I remember looking at websites like “StumbleUpon” and whatnot, and spending hours looking at the most random mix of content. I found some interesting websites and tools that I even used for school (like before it was really big, and converters before google had that so readily available.)

Sometimes people don’t know what they’re looking for, and they find it by chance. The idea of this blog is to support everyone who is trying to be healthy by being very realistic that it’s not easy. If you know anyone who is in that boat or even if you just enjoy reading, you could share the link to my blog on a social media site. I think Twitter and Facebook would be the most natural and easiest because they allow you to write a little bit about the blog and seem like they’re more for sharing this kind of content. These sites also make it really easy to re-share.

When promoting things it’s easiest to just be honest and share information without pushing so hard. You could say you think my blog could really help anyone looking for motivation or support, or you could say something quick like you enjoy reading my blog. Sharing my blog with anyone in your circle would be incredibly helpful to me because it will allow me to grow my audience, share my message, and hopefully help support some people who need it.


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