Broccoli Dog

The name of the meme I selected for this blog is called “Broccoli Dog,” which Knowyourmemes says is part of a series of dog memes, like “I Have No Idea What I’m Doing” Dog, ” Phteven” or “Pun Dog”. I’ve seen a lot of these on a variety of different social media platforms, and I think they’re great because they’re really easy to like (because dogs!!!) and they’re relatable and funny.

I learned from the website that this meme was actually made somewhere around 2005. It’s captioned/known/tagged as “do not want dog”, particularly when it first came out following another trend of “do not want” and “do want” memes. Its popularity dropped a significant amount but it has recently regained popularity in 2015 under the name “Broccoli Dog” and was even more popular this second time around under the new name/tag.

Image result for broccoli dog

I think this meme is appropriate for my blog because of how relatable it is. I completely understand this dog, and I know a lot of people feel this way about steamed broccoli. If anyone has dogs, you know they’ll eat just about anything. My little booger at home will beg and beg and follow me around the kitchen hoping I’ll drop something. Always. But when I drop lettuce or broccoli, she actually smells it, steps back, and looks at me. I swear in my head she’s saying, “Stupid human, why are you giving me this crap?” I feel you, dog.

As a result of brainwashing as a kid I just so happen to like broccoli, but frankly I’m not there yet where I think veggies taste awesome and I’d rather have them than ice cream. I think most people are in this category, so that makes this a great meme to get people to see “we’re all in the same boat here!” and “no, I don’t love veggies” but I still get a serving once/day(ish..).

There’s hope!!

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3 thoughts on “Broccoli Dog

  1. diamonddigest says:

    It’s pretty neat that the meme is having a resurgence. You don’t usually think of these as things that could make a comeback, so it’s cool to hear. I think the meme is also very fitting for your blog.


  2. loisedelosreyes says:

    I love dog memes and I feel like you can find so many memes of dogs that can relate to anything to be honest. I think using one also helps in promotion because I almost feel like it’s click bait. You see a picture of a dog you kind of just gravitate to it.


  3. filmbuffssite says:

    Ha I actually remember seeing this around 2008 roughly. This picture has definitely been circling the internet for some time and really goes to show how timeless it is since it resonates so well


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