My favorite blog!


First I want to say WOW, Jing is so easy to use! As I type this, my screencast is uploading…64.4 MB out of 135.3 MB! I’m a little nervous just because I’m again on my crappy laptop that has a mind of it’s own and doesn’t always cooperate. I’m also nervous because I talked the full 5 minutes so my file is larger, which could be affecting the upload speed. I just found it really easy to talk about things I love about the blog I chose.

I decided to do my screencast assignment on a blog called Extra Petite. It’s one that I love because of how useful and easy to use I find it. I used Jing to do the screencast, and really liked the software and think I could use this one again in the future. I downloaded it with ease from the link provided, and watched the little tutorial thing even though we reviewed it a little in class. The tutorial was quick and to the point, which was great, and I think most of it has to do with the simplicity of the software. There are only a few buttons, and once you know where to click, it’s easy.

I pressed capture and selected my entire screen that I wanted to display in the video, then selected a mic option. The first time I did this I selected one that maybe was connected to an external camera I use to use but don’t have anymore, so no sound came out in my screencast video. I tried to start a new screencast, but that mic was already set as the default. Jing settings were easy to find, and under audio I changed the source to my internal mic and all went well for the second video.

All in all, I enjoyed this assignment and it made my think about features that I like about other blogs that I would eventually want to add to mine. Like I mentioned in my screencast, the author of Extra Petite knows her audience, and it made me think “who do I want my audience to be and what features would they like to see on my blog?” Food for thought.



6 thoughts on “My favorite blog!

  1. sdaom says:

    Jing was definitely super easy to use. It was also fun to record and to watch the final product. I agree with you that the blog you reviewed is very easy to get around and very organized. Through this assignment, I also found things that I wanted to add to my blog as well. I hope you can use Jing well in the future too!


  2. divyap820 says:

    I’m glad that you found Jing easy to use. It’s also interesting to see how you had a problem with your mic at first but you resolved it fairly quickly because Jing makes it easy to find their settings. I think it’s nice that you found other blogs to get inspiration from by doing this assignment. It’s always nice to have similar blogs to yours.


  3. jennacrisalli says:

    I couldn’t agree more that this was super easy to use. I feel like this is a common theme across every blog that I have seen for our class this week. My major concern was with the uploading of the screencast as well. I was pretty concerned that my video wouldn’t upload to the page as well, but I am glad that it worked out for both of us!


  4. troshsite says:

    I think we can learn a lot about how to improve our blogs and make them more user-friendly through exploring other well-established websites, as you mentioned in your post. Even with your initial issue, I still think you did an excellent reviewing the blog. Great work!


  5. 24hourmusic says:

    It’s pretty funny how everyone agreed that Jing was easy to use (lol), but I really enjoyed your screencast, and I think the blog you showed is a great example of a well-made blog! The creator of this site is clearly passionate about fashion, and I agree with you that she knows her audience well!


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