Are all small decisions really this hard?

I couldn’t even think of a picture I wanted to use as the main background. This was probably the most difficult part of this assignment. I do not consider myself a creative person, so I knew when I read this assignment it would be something I’d have to sleep on. Part of the problem stems from the fact that I wanted this blog to include it all! Exercise, nutrition, tips for your mental health, etc. It’s probably too broad of a topic to summarize in one picture. Luckily we could play around with layers to try to include more images of what I’d like to write about.

I’ve used Pixlr once before, so that was my first choice. I found it easy to use and playing around with colors and fonts and images is something I like (and probably waste a little too much time with at work—shhhh.) I did NOT know about the advance search feature for licensing criteria! That’s incredibly useful to me, and I will definitely use that again in the future. For the main background layer I found a few pictures of fruits and vegetables organized by color, but they were a little too busy and didn’t posses that “clean” feel I was going for. Then I found this plain citrus image and thought it had enough color and was aesthetically pleasing.

For the other images, I originally was thinking of using an image of a woman in a yoga pose like the one below. I used the magic wand feature in Pixlr to remove the background and then place it on the citrus picture. Even after increasing the contrast and giving the woman a tan, the colors didn’t blend nicely. That’s how I got the idea of the silhouettes: they’re simple, clean, and relatable.

Image Source

All in all I would say it wasn’t hard to use the photo editing software, and now that I’m more familiar with WordPress, I was able to edit the header without issues. The hardest part was deciding what pictures to use!


6 thoughts on “Are all small decisions really this hard?

  1. sdaom says:

    You said that you are not a creative person, but I really like the idea you had for your header! The figures exercising over the image of the oranges really incorporates both fitness and health, as you wanted, so I think it was a very good collaboration. The orange color of the fruits also match the pink theme very well.


  2. 24hourmusic says:

    I think your header looks great! Going with the silhouettes instead of a more life-like person was a great idea, the contrast of the lightness of the fruit makes the dark figures really pop out! Including both exercise, mental health, and healthy eating related pictures was a smart move, because it really captures the overall theme of your blog!


  3. riftreviewblog says:

    I’m just like you with having trouble making so many small decisions with the header! I think you did a fantastic job of conveying the theme of your blog through the header while making sure it caught the eye of people when they first open up the page. I’m also a huge fan of the font choice you made! I wish I could say why but I don’t really know why, it’s just visually appealing to me.


  4. degree to suit says:

    Hey, I really liked what you did with your header. The images you chose mesh well together and stand out, really making your blog look whole. They also encompass what your blog is about. Overall it looks great!


  5. koredespeaks says:

    Wow, I really like your header because you kept it clean and simple. I am also shocked to read though that you along with some other students find Pixlr to be easy to use. Computer graphics and editing is definitely something that I really want to learn, but I seem to find it difficult much like in high school. I’m hoping by the end of this course I will have photo editing down.


  6. jennieperullosp says:

    I used silhouettes in my header too! I used it for the same reason as you, they are simple and don’t cause too many contrasting colors everywhere. I like the clean, bright vibe from the citruses and the yoga poses really pull together what your blog is about, healthy habits! Good job, it looks great!


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